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The benefits of self-help travel
May 25, 2017 at 14:03

Nowadays, as Chinese economy develops so fast, people’s life standard also improved. They have more money and start to chase for amusement. Travel is the first choice. It not only can broaden their vision, but also relieve their pressure. Young people trend to independent travel, while the old like group travel. I am favor of the former.

On the one hand, independent travel is much free. I can go to any tourist site of the city. Sometimes people tell me the interesting place and I can change my schedule anytime. Group travel focuses on shopping and the tourist guide will implant you the idea to purchase products. What’s more, you have to compete for the food and the seat with other visitors.

On the other hand, I will have more time to learn the culture. As my time is scheduled by me, so I can decide how long I will stay in one place. I like to make friends with local people. When I am communicating with them, I can learn their culture, which makes me so excited.

Independent travel is favored by more people, which it will be the young people’s first chioce.

That bloom on a perfect circle (two stills in the flowers under the tree affectionate kiss)

The second day, Wu engaged with Zhou Ying came to court six rafters. Sure enough, the other masters were dissenting. Wu Yuwen said, they had to temporarily give up. A few of the cabinet in succession, Zhou Ying listened with relish. She opened the door to a new world, learn the business like hunger and thirst to. After the apprenticeship heard this news, they ran to congratulate Zhou Ying. Just then, the morning will end, and everyone is walking out. Pawn shopkeeper saw Wang's face, think of the man a few days ago to pawn Yantai, as if the thought of what bad things.

The business of Gu Yue's medicine shop has gone from bad to worse, and Du Mingli has specially arranged two big merchants to talk about business. He was not out of kindness, but he thought he had to use a plan to leave Hu and Wu. Suddenly, the fourth week came to herbal shop sapo.

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Make-up is a kind of politeness
May 19, 2017 at 10:52

Though there are all kinds of commercial ads to advocate girls to make up and make themselves look as beautiful as the models, most girls are educated that the real beauty is from inside instead of outside. So some of them are very proud of not making up and staying the way they are, but the new idea is that make up is a manner.

In the traditional view, make up is not a good girl will do, only for the bad girl who tries to seduce a man. What’s more, parents implant the idea to the girls that make up will make them look older. So most girls have the wrong idea about make up, some even feel shameful to talk about it.

Actually, in the modern society, make up is just a way of manner. But, the make up we talk about is light type. We need to shape our eyebrow and color our lips with light color, which makes us look tidy. Hair is also needed to clear up and the clothes we wear should be adjusted by different occasions.

He knew that his father taboo Zhou Ying was a woman, and took the queen mother as a metaphor and said many of her benefits. Now, the Wu Jiadong hospital is in need of "unqualified personnel". Wu Yuwen agreed to let Zhou Ying court to attend six rafters.

Zhou Ying is listening to Mrs. Wu in the room, and Wu is quietly calling her outside the hall. Two couples of eyes see self-assured or supercilious, Mrs. Wu was angry and happy, let her go. Zhou Ying was crazy to hear that he could learn to do business. She came to Wu Pinshen on Sahuan, long refused to come down. Although Wu hired already tempted heart to Italy, but due to the etiquette, or pull Zhou Ying to the courtyard no place. Then he stood, gently said, this can be "indecent" you. After that, it is a kiss. Two people are standing in a few clump of trees, already forget almost all, unable to restrain the emotions. The night mist, charming flowers, as this sweetly sprinkled on the courtyard.

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A symbol of maturity
May 18, 2017 at 08:37

Being mature doesn’t mean the person is adult. The age is not the standard to measure whether a person is mature or not. Some teenagers know their future duty and act in a mature way. The symbol of being mature is not decided by age, but the way they think.

Firstly, the mature person must have right attitude towards life. When he gets the unfair treatment, he won’t be angry and give up on himself, instead, he can adjust himself and get used to the new environment. So, no matter what happens to him, nothing can frustrate him. He always finds his own way to appreciate the beauty of life.

Secondly, the mature person must be knowledgable. As he experiences so much, he has broadened his vision. When other people ask him questions, he can give his own opinion and his profound thoughts will impress others. When we talk to the mature people, we will always learn something from them.

People like to communicate with mature minds, because it helps them to grow up. Everybody can be mature if they improve themselves all the time.

Wu is in the heart of Zhou Ying, who is tired of these words. He knew that if this time did not make a clear refusal, not only did Zhou Ying get angry, but even Hu Yongmei would be delayed marriage. In this case, it's not good for three people.

Hire Wu said, Zhou Ying in this life will be his wife, and for Hu Yongmei henceforth only Xiongmeizhiqing, she may soon find an excellent husband. Hu Yongmei was shocked, the soul seems to be pulled out, looked at the absence to turn away Wu hired.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu Pin explicitly rejected the Hu plum wife remarried, his wife is always declared Zhou Ying)

Probably understand Sanyuan pawn, Wu proposed to hire shop back their business to the father. But Wu Yuwen said now that people are not enough to mobilize these relationships at will. Wu said to let Zhou Ying go to hire six rafters hall attend, after all before she proposed to reduce remote merchant rebate idea.

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The pros and cons of being a doctor
May 15, 2017 at 05:32

Doctor is a common profession, but its content and duty make this profession not common. Different people have different views towards this job. In my opinion, being a doctor has advantages and disadvantages.

Being a doctor is easy to earn respect as its job duty is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. This makes their job becomes noble. Besides, when they save people, they will have a sense of accomplishment, too. When it comes to this, the profession as a doctor is good for people to develop their loving heart and responsibility, which will make them better people. Of course, their salary is very high.

However, being a doctor is also a risky. Their job is saving people, so sometimes their carelessness will take a person’s life. As a result, sometimes it will cause some medical disputes. What’s more, doctor is always very busy. They usually can not have a break when they are at work. As for time, the job needs them to shift working. Thus, they do not have too much time to company their families and friends.

Every coin has two sides. So does the job of being a doctor. But, I think the good side is more than the bad side.

Zhou Ying wanted to persuade Wu to make a mistake and not have to do it for himself and his family. Once the mountebank, vagrant days, she had seen Men's feelings are changeable. Suddenly encountered so gentle and firm to the good person, a heart like Zhou Ying was warm quilt wrapped up, hot hot. The hot, straight - burning she fell in tears. Wu hired sympathy at this woman, more in my choice is not wrong. He slowly for her to gently wipe the tears are met as rare treasures, the fear of breaking her heart lingering.

Although Wu Yuwen is still angry, but his heart is also thinking about the test of two people, hope that his son's pay is worthwhile. The hospital kneeling young couple, already is sweetly scattered in the air. They sweet talk before, those who meet each other. It turned out that Zhou Ying saw Wu when he first saw it. Wu Pinze speaking the truth, that day she emerge in its totality scenario. In retrospect, it was a moment of pity and admiration for the woman, and love and hate. That meeting, have mixed feelings on a person's thoughts, it is love!

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The most popular sport in the world
May 13, 2017 at 11:42

There is no doubt that football is the NO.1 sport in the world, though our football players don’t play it very well, still a lot of fans keep their enthusiasm on this sport. They watch the matches even staying up. These fans like to make up a group. They share the same interest and watch the match together. It is football that brings them together.

The biggest match for football is the World Cup. As it holds every four years, it is like the biggest event, and the whole world is crazy about it. All the media are reporting the event and fans from all over the world gather together, discussing it all the time.

As English is the international language, football is the international sport. People, no matter poor or rich, can share the same topic as they come together. People talk about their favorite players and predict the results. Football is like the silent language, bringing people together. As the most popular sport, it will attract more fans.

Zhou Ying also followed the guys to help, but do not know Wu and Shen home in the temple as a relief. Indeed, Shen Xingyi is going to take the girl to recognize her, but how could the world devil let him go? She played a Xing Sheng shift, and bit him out of control. Wu hired to come to protect his wife, he never overbearing, he took out a rare and barbaric, saying that he was willing to take money to understand this matter. Obviously, Xing Sheng is not willing to move so easily Miss Wu, especially Zhou Ying and his brother.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying stills Temple met Xing Sheng shift, Wu domineering hired to protect his wife)

Seeing the victims of the victims fainted, Zhou Ying was not too dirty, and he was patient and comforted. Wu hired all these in his eyes, and the woman who had a sense of love was more and more reluctant to give up. Presently, more and more refugees heard the news came, the cooking speed lags far behind. Wu ordered everyone to add a few more pots.

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Old people don't want to live with their children
May 11, 2017 at 09:04

Today, when the couples get married, they care about whether they need to live with parents. Most couples can’t reach agreement when they come to this issue. It seems that old people need to live with their children to seek for better care. But the fact is not, old people generally do not want live with the young people.

On the one hand, old people know exactly the gap between the young generation and their generation. The lifestyle will be very different. They get up early and wake up timely, while the young people like to stay up and they tend to make up sleep on weekends. If they live together, the timetable will be interrupted by each other and both can’t live happily.

On the other hand, it is easy to have argument if people stay together for a long time, no matter how nice they are at the beginning. The new couple will have their problem, while if the old people interfere, then things will be miserable. So it is better to stay off the argument.

Now most parents choose to live not far away from their children, because staying the small distance brings benefit to both sides.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhao Baishi stills with merchants to the victims gathered at the hope that they can pledge)

Mrs. Wu nearby of the servant girl to release cases of Silver Spring apricot and accosted her know that Hu Yongmei was so arrogant because Wu gave her married in the hope. She went back to her room and said Zhou Ying about it, and Zhou Ying told her that she liked her grandmother or Hu Yongmei, and said, "I don't do it!"

Lord Shen knows Zhao Baishi's plan, but does not intend to donate money. Because he bought rice before he sold it for a high price. Now when opening earthquake relief was painstaking in vain. So, no matter how Xing Sheng moves, he doesn't agree with the porridge. And Wu Yuwen, also out of the idea of not trying to snatch officials, did not intend to do so. Wu is in a hurry in his heart to find the help of the young housekeeper. But the young housekeeper did not want to violate the Lord's order, and did not distribute his hands to him.

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Why Asian men are not favored by western women
May 10, 2017 at 06:57

Asian girls are favored by western guys all the time, and many western men are attracted by the exotic features, while on the contrary, people barely can find the couples that are foreign girls with Asian boys. It is true that western girls are not that into yellow men, which has many reasons.

On the one hand, culture is different. Western people are open minded, strange people can make connections with each other soon and hang out for fun. While most Asian guys are shy and they won’t be active until they get familiar with each other. On the other hand, the image of Asian men is not that strong. Look at the movie and TV series, then we can barely find the yellow men as the heroes. What’s more, in the history, yellow men came to western countries to look for gold, then they work as the worker and once were driven away by the local people.

But today as more Asian faces appear in the western mainstream media, western people start to change their opinion on Asian guys. More western girls choose them as their lifetime partner.

Zhao Baishi summoned the shop owners to eat, and Wu Yuwen told his son to deal with it. Wu recruited the door and saw that the full courtyard was the desk and chair of the shop of the shop, and he was pulled to the side without a seat. Xing Sheng moved constantly menacing, provocative. At this time, Zhao Baishi had served, but no food, only a simple food. The people didn't understand what it meant for a moment, and they didn't move the chopsticks. Wu did not hesitate to see the lead began to drink soup to eat. Xing Sheng also began trying to shift not resigned to playing second fiddle, eat up.

After that, Zhao Baishi himself took these merchants to the gathering place of the victims. Everywhere was the crying of the children's hunger, and even the poor mother was selling children. Wu, Shen Xingyi and other merchants hired by the horrors of each proposal, pledging three hundred and twenty. Xing Sheng moved at the people listen to the girls singing songs are frequently 1002, three hundred and twenty what. He decided to shed soup.

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Children's cognition
May 08, 2017 at 09:51

Many mothers are annoyed by their children’s behaviors before they can understand the mothers’ idea. Babies’ way of thought is different from the adults’, and most of them are in the situation of out of side, and out of mind. If people can better understand the kid’s recognition, then they will have their own ways to educate.

Though the kids are very small and they even can’t talk, they are smart actually. They know how to judge whether what they do is acceptable or not. For example, when mother cooks food for the baby and the baby refuses to eat. After trying to feed the baby many times, finally the mother gets angry and walks away, then the baby will perceive the mother’s unhappy emotion and realizes his wrong behavior.

People always say that kids are knowing nothing, so their wrong behaviors can be forgiven all the time. It seems that being innocent can be out of taking responsibility. This is ridiculous. Everyone should be responsible for what they do. If the kids are wrong, the parents need to educate them immediate, so as to help them to be a better person.

When Hu Yongmei left, but his girl like to put his face. Apricot spring eager to defend their master, all your back. Hu Yongmei grew up in Wu Yangzunchuyou, is everywhere to be protected, where had this kind of gas? She immediately set out the identity of the lady, to give the spring apricot color to see. Zhou Ying is also not resigned to playing second fiddle took out a pair of hands, posture. But Hu Yongmei GEE smile, she has no manners to irony, Wu Jia Dong hospital.

Wu Wang to find recruits into the room, told him to go quietly Sanyuan pawn when a thing. At night, Wu Furen talked about Hu Yongmei's affairs, and did not think Wu Yuwen was not moving. He said that the fate of Hu's family was here.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying satirized by Hu Yongmei no courtesy)

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Be grateful to your opponent
May 07, 2017 at 09:44

Life is full of competitions. When we are at school, we always want to be the most excellent student and win teachers’ praise. When we work, we not only need to compete with our co-workers, but also need to beat other companies for more profit. The rivals are everywhere, which help us to be stronger.

When we are competing with rivals, we are gaining knowledge. To be the winner, we will have the motivation to improve ourselves, as so to have advantages over others. The lack of competitors is not good for people, because the comfortable situation will easy make us to loss motivation to move on.

The good rival also can be our friend. In the processing of competition, both of you get improved. For example, in the debate competition, when two side are in the opposite opinion and both defend for their ideas, it is easy involving personal emotion. If the rival breaks the awkward situation with smile and humor, showing that this is a nice talk, then you won’t lose your temper. This is learning.

Anyway, we should be grateful to our rivals, because we need to make progress all the time, or we will be kicked out.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Wu Pin stills to protect his wife Zhou Ying to the rules)

Wu did not forget to pawn Sanyuan hired thing, said his observations to father report. At a time of nine dials, there are no signs of depression on the shelves, and it is very inconsistent with such a small profit. Wu also remembered that tigers hired pawn jade, is also a great discrepancy between the recorded digital books. Lord Wu Jiasan seldom goes to the pawnshop, but the shopkeeper look smart. Wu Yuwen told Wu Pinyao careful verification, try not to hurt.

Zhou Ying in the room to copy "Nvjie", inspired by practicing the word: half words, half body painting, claiming to be the week. Mrs. Wu was looking at the room and suddenly heard Hu Yongmei coming. Although she was not comfortable, she saw the girl. I saw Hu Yongmei burst into tears, said a lot of my own problems. Mrs. Wu saw the child crying, all the gas has disappeared. She looked at the wife of her wife and sighed, saying how good she should be if she was married. Exactly this week, Yinglai room pay a fine copy homework, but Mrs. Wu dislike being a hypocrite.

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A good audience
May 05, 2017 at 13:34

Can you believe that a boy who is about 8 years old is the master of giving advice on love relationship? This funny incident happened in America. A little boy was doing his business on the street, he earned just one dollar each person. Of course, people did not come for advice, and all they needed was a good audience.

Most people feel depressed today. In the public occasion, the powerful person is in charge of everything, who is the shinning star and enjoys to be followed by others. While most people have less chance to express themselves. Sometimes they need to listen to their inner voices, that’s why the little boy’s business is favored.

To be a good audience can help us to learn things. Once a celebrity said that a good audience was not only popular everywhere, but after a while he also got to know something. When we learn to know how others feel about the same incident, we start to consider the way we deal with it. Am I too forced? Or do I forget others? So we can know better how to deal with things next time.

When Wu woke up, he was curious about what the water was, and when he heard Zhou Ying's answer, she knew that she did it for himself. Reminiscent of yesterday's situation, he was remorseful and moved. But see Wu Yuwen steps in, said to the Grindhouse call this trouble everywhere, Zhou Ying. Where is Wu hired? Quickly hide for her parents, to appease the mood. Wu Yuwen sees this situation, how can the heart do not understand, just told his son and is homekeeping.

When he grew up in a large house for many years, Wu knew that he had to have his own dignity. Now, Zhou Ying is simple and straightforward, and he has to stand up for his wife. Otherwise, there is no one to go to the lady. After training a man, Wu hired tenderly holding Zhou Ying's face said, I want to do what, vexatious also never mind.

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