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The return of wonder woman
May 03, 2017 at 12:57

Wu hired with visit Shen saw this couplet, the old downtown home is full of mourning. Shen lady want to let person the "kill" his son's killer out, Shen Sihai wanted to hear what Pinyao said wu. Wu employed in front of the souls solemnly vowed to revenge for Shen Yuesheng, hope he springs under the spirit of help as soon as possible to find the murderer. After that, Wu started to leave.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Wu Pin stills with visiting Shenyang and elegiac couplet in front of the souls solemnly vowed to revenge for Shen Yuesheng)

Xing Sheng moved that Wu Pinlai, furious, determined to revenge. On the way in Wu's return journey, the Xing Sheng shifting man, who was covered by the face, suddenly appeared to halt him. Panic, Wu small bite Xing Sheng shift arm. A clear tooth print could not hide, and Xing Sheng picked up the candlestick and burned himself. When the magistrate government received a report, the rapid capture of Xing Sheng shift. Only can be used as evidence of the bite has been burned to cover up, Zhao Baishi then there is not enough evidence to set the Xing Sheng shift of the crime, he had to take off.

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New rules for dormitory distribution
May 02, 2017 at 10:45

In the apprenticeship room, Zhou Ying went to the crowd and did not expect the apprentice to leave her. Xiao Wang also carefully took out the paper with his own home address, and told her that she had difficulty in asking for help. With these days, he had a good feeling about this unusual woman.

Shen Jiabai played Shen Yuesheng Shen tablets, the old lady crying fainted several times. A white, somber move Xing Sheng kneeling in the big brother spirit, vowed to avenge him. Human life, not after it had no room to return. Money can be made no more, the son did not, the elder brother did not, Shen four sea and Xing Sheng moved out like a raw piece of meat to remove a piece of meat pain. Shen Sihai has two days and two nights without sleep, hatred cannot fall to support him. Once the foppish master Xing Sheng shift also helped many sensible, home affairs management.

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