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China is a huge hosting potential market

Aucist posted on January 03, 2017 at 12:53

More and more sites of China were transferred to American hostings during these 2 years, it was a very big amount of sites. Why did such many sites transfer away from China? The most important reason is ICP record, it's a big trouble. Now in China, every site should submit the ICP record information, it includes the information of owner and server IP, etc. After submit, it will be in an audit period, audit period is about dozens of days, perhaps it's about more than 40 days. During these 40 days, the site must be closed, when the ICP record is passed, the site can be opened.

Currently, the fastest American hostings are Go Daddy, SoftLayer which visit in China, the ping value in China is about 170ms - 250ms. And Hong Kong, Korean, Japanese hostings, all of the ping value in China are about 60ms - 70ms. So the fastest foreign hostings for China, is Hong Kong, Korea, Japan. The foreign hostings for China, need not to submit the ICP record.

Last year Go Daddy founded the hostings in Singapore, it was quite slow in China, but fast in Hong Kong. Probably it was limited by China's line. The ping value in China of Go Daddy Singapore hosting was more than 600ms. So I hope the hosting providers, found some hostings in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, it will be very fast for China, and it will be a very huge hosting potential market. Currently, the price of Hong Kong hostings is expensive, so the Chinese site owners chose American hostings. The price of American hostings is cheap, and the technology is very good.

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