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A simple approach to receive emails from dozens of different email accounts

Aucist posted on January 05, 2017 at 17:57

If you have dozens of different email accounts, and if the email accounts can forward emails, then set all of the emails' forwarding, and make them forward to an email which you often use. That's to say if you have email account A, account B, account C, account D, account E, etc., make them forward to, then can receive them, you just need to check every day. I'll introduce the steps. Such as Gmail has forwarding function, how to set:

Log in the email account A, B, C, D, E mentioned above one by one. Such as Gmail, or Google apps free enterprise mailbox, click "Settings" at top, as below:

Click "Forwarding and POP/IMAP", as below:

Then click "Add a forwarding address", and enter an email which you often use and receive emails, click "Next", as below:

Then you will receive a Confirmation code email, input it. Choose "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" at the single select box, select "delete **** Mail's copy", as below:

Drag the scroll bar to bottom Click "Save Changes", is below:

Then you just need to check every day. Foxmail is an excellent email software to receive emails, I strongly recommend Foxmail.

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