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King of Rock and Roll

Aucist posted on January 11, 2017 at 10:24

It is known to all that Michael Jackson is the king of popular music. Though he died in 2009, he is favored by people all around the world. Before Michael Jackson, the most successful singer is Elvis Presley, he is the king of Rock and Roll. He made the record of selling the most albums.

Elvis Presley lived in a poor family and he had done several jobs before he was discovered by his agent. At that time, the agent wanted to find a white singer who could sing Blues and Elvis was the guy he found. As he released his first album, the local radio station played them again and again. People fell in love with his music. Soon Elvis got famous in United States.

Elvis made great success in music, the songs were favored by all races. As the development of media, his shows were watched by the world. Later, Elvis also shot many movies. The songs he sung in the movie also became popular. But the sad thing was that Elvis died at the young age about forty. But the achievement he made would never be forgot.

Xing Sheng moved bored at home, and the other maid Zhou Ying teaches his game to play. But he was so uncomfortable that he didn't feel fun to play with Zhou anyhow.

Zhou Ying's work every day, sneaking into the school to eavesdrop outside the school, can not help delay the errand. In a few days, she became properly in essence, a kitchen, a wood house, she did not dare to close the water room. Wu has no choice but to leave Zhou Ying in his room first. One day, he went back to the room, but he saw that everyone was listening to Zhou Ying to tell the story. Just listen to her articulate, to describe the vivid tiger. She spoke to her dart and jumped off her stool to show her legs, but was "sweeping" on the leg of Wu. The people saw that the little east family came back quickly, leaving only Zhou Ying.

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