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How safe is china

Aucist posted on January 12, 2017 at 15:27

Recently, the news reported that many gunshot incidents happened in foreign countries. Every time when we hear such accident, we feel so lucky to live in China, because gun is forbidden to be sold, which keeps the society much safer. In western countries, though many people have urged the government to stop selling guns, the result disappoints them all the time.

In the foreign social media, the question of how safe is China has been warmly responded by the foreigners who have the experience to live in China. A woman said that she felt so much safe here and dared to walk home very late, which would never happened in her country. Another man said that the only situation he felt in danger was a drunken man went towards him. A lot of foreigners spoke highly of Chinese safe environment, and gunshot cases is rather rare to happen.

The safe environment provides us the chance to develop ourselves. At the same time, Chinese economy develops very fast, and we are so proud that we are living here. The great respect should be showed to the soldiers who guard the people and country.

This week was Ying Shan Shan, arguing that he is actually very quietly to have learned to fold the quilt to pour out the tea. She made a skillful way to pour tea, but made a fool of myself. Although Wu hired cold face, secretly laughing. Zhou Ying thought I was going to the door, did not think Wu agreed to hire her school work.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying stills not work well to take the lead in mischief are caught)

At school, Zhou Ying was an apprentice at Xiaojiang called. After coaching, she could understand "and return" means, casually say on the market and the essence of law. The students were very admirable, and Zhou Ying took the opportunity to make money for the students to do their homework. After a few days, she was angry with his husband and came to Lord Wu, Wu Yuwen.

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