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Persist in your dream

Aucist posted on January 15, 2017 at 15:56

We have read so many inspiring examples about how the successful people stick to their dreams. We see the power of persistence. But as I see different situations, sometimes the way to gain achievement is not favored by me. Different people have different ways to keep move on.

For those people whose family are not poor, they can chase their dreams without hesitation. The parents will give great support to them and no matter what their children do, they just want them to be happy. Without the economic burden, those people can focus all their attention and follow their dreams all the time.

But for the persons whose family are poor, especially the parents are waiting for the children’s economic support, they should make ends meet first and then follow their dreams. Life can’t be ideal all the time, only when they solve the basic needs, dreams will be supported. Some people make the things they like as a hobby, they keep studying it in their spared time, if insist, they will get the extra achievement.

Following dreams completes our life and make us live with meaning. The will of never giving up will bring us success someday.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying hired himself into the room Wu lie to him emerge in its totality)

The world devil woman life for the first time that lie is so should not, she rushed back to the room to take the truth to Wu Pin emerge in its totality. Wu hired a serious face to ask who she had deceived. Zhou Ying said that he had not done terrible things, just to earn money to live, also said he owed Wu hired and Eastern Hospital will have the money. Wu hired gradually calm down, told Zhou Ying lie only make a little money, and Wu Jia Dong hospital have today are based on integrity. Then he asked Zhou Ying to be unable to cheat and to cheat the money. Zhou Ying also nodded, and Wu looked at her so solemnly and laughed.

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