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New rules for dormitory distribution

Aucist posted on May 02, 2017 at 10:45

When students go to college, they are so excited about the new life. In the campus, they can enjoy freedom without parents’ supervision. What’s more, they will have roommates. If they are lucky, they will become longtime friends, if not, troubles will come all the time. To reduce trouble, the new rules to assign dormitory has been carried out.

In tradition, the students get their roommates at random, so it takes them some time to get familiar with each other. Most students realize their roommates living different lifestyles, so contradiction happens. In order to let students focus more attention on study, some schools assign the dormitory according to the students’ daily schedule, which is favored by the public. They said if this rule had carried before, then much trouble would have been avoided.

Indeed, some students trend to sleep early and then wake up early, while other students like to stay up. The latter will be addicted to playing computer games, then the sound of typing and the computer light annoy the former. Now this problem can be solved, which is good for both sides.

We are happy to see the change, if the new rules can bring positive sides, then they deserved to be advocated.

In the apprenticeship room, Zhou Ying went to the crowd and did not expect the apprentice to leave her. Xiao Wang also carefully took out the paper with his own home address, and told her that she had difficulty in asking for help. With these days, he had a good feeling about this unusual woman.

Shen Jiabai played Shen Yuesheng Shen tablets, the old lady crying fainted several times. A white, somber move Xing Sheng kneeling in the big brother spirit, vowed to avenge him. Human life, not after it had no room to return. Money can be made no more, the son did not, the elder brother did not, Shen four sea and Xing Sheng moved out like a raw piece of meat to remove a piece of meat pain. Shen Sihai has two days and two nights without sleep, hatred cannot fall to support him. Once the foppish master Xing Sheng shift also helped many sensible, home affairs management.

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