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A beautiful lotus pond

Aucist posted on December 05, 2016 at 11:12

This morning, the girl of lotus pond woke up from a dream, she stretched, yawned, gradually other creatures were awake. The pond suddenly became lively, fishes under her feet through the hide and seek, the bird opened clear voice to sing.

At noon, the sun was shining, the pond came a noise, that was these neighbors of the pond were playing happily in it! Look, a dragonfly was flying in the river freely, fairy of lotus was red in the face, slowly stretched their beautiful skirts, and the lotus leaf and lotus, they did not decline out of modesty to to see who is superior. And the naughty little fish swam and swam underneath when they quarreled, and they were very happy.

In the distance, the hills stood majestically, like the guards guarding the lotus pond, the lush mountains, the pine trees and the locust trees.

At night, the girl of lotus pond went to bed, and it returned to peace. This lotus pond was beautiful, I love this beautiful lotus pond!

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