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The return of wonder woman

Aucist posted on May 03, 2017 at 12:57

In Hollywood, the films about superheroes are very popular, such as superman, batman and so on. We can find that during these great characters, there is one special female image that is wonder woman. She was brought to the screen recently and her story indicated why she was coming.

In the story about wonder woman, she came to the world as the world war was about to break out. Her appearance helped to stop the disaster and during that time, woman started to gain the right to vote. The coming of wonder woman indicates the rise power of female. During the 1930s, women’s status were very low and they did not have any chance to join work or polity. After a long period of fighting for the rights, more females got their rights.

Today, women are much independent. Almost in every area, we can see the outstanding women. The image of wonder woman tells people that never underestimate female’s power, they can do as well as men. A lot of girls have been inspired and chase what they want. Wonder woman brings positive information to girls.

Wu hired with visit Shen saw this couplet, the old downtown home is full of mourning. Shen lady want to let person the "kill" his son's killer out, Shen Sihai wanted to hear what Pinyao said wu. Wu employed in front of the souls solemnly vowed to revenge for Shen Yuesheng, hope he springs under the spirit of help as soon as possible to find the murderer. After that, Wu started to leave.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Wu Pin stills with visiting Shenyang and elegiac couplet in front of the souls solemnly vowed to revenge for Shen Yuesheng)

Xing Sheng moved that Wu Pinlai, furious, determined to revenge. On the way in Wu's return journey, the Xing Sheng shifting man, who was covered by the face, suddenly appeared to halt him. Panic, Wu small bite Xing Sheng shift arm. A clear tooth print could not hide, and Xing Sheng picked up the candlestick and burned himself. When the magistrate government received a report, the rapid capture of Xing Sheng shift. Only can be used as evidence of the bite has been burned to cover up, Zhao Baishi then there is not enough evidence to set the Xing Sheng shift of the crime, he had to take off.

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