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A good audience

Aucist posted on May 05, 2017 at 13:34

Can you believe that a boy who is about 8 years old is the master of giving advice on love relationship? This funny incident happened in America. A little boy was doing his business on the street, he earned just one dollar each person. Of course, people did not come for advice, and all they needed was a good audience.

Most people feel depressed today. In the public occasion, the powerful person is in charge of everything, who is the shinning star and enjoys to be followed by others. While most people have less chance to express themselves. Sometimes they need to listen to their inner voices, that’s why the little boy’s business is favored.

To be a good audience can help us to learn things. Once a celebrity said that a good audience was not only popular everywhere, but after a while he also got to know something. When we learn to know how others feel about the same incident, we start to consider the way we deal with it. Am I too forced? Or do I forget others? So we can know better how to deal with things next time.

When Wu woke up, he was curious about what the water was, and when he heard Zhou Ying's answer, she knew that she did it for himself. Reminiscent of yesterday's situation, he was remorseful and moved. But see Wu Yuwen steps in, said to the Grindhouse call this trouble everywhere, Zhou Ying. Where is Wu hired? Quickly hide for her parents, to appease the mood. Wu Yuwen sees this situation, how can the heart do not understand, just told his son and is homekeeping.

When he grew up in a large house for many years, Wu knew that he had to have his own dignity. Now, Zhou Ying is simple and straightforward, and he has to stand up for his wife. Otherwise, there is no one to go to the lady. After training a man, Wu hired tenderly holding Zhou Ying's face said, I want to do what, vexatious also never mind.

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