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Be grateful to your opponent

Aucist posted on May 07, 2017 at 09:44

That bloom on a perfect circle (Wu Pin stills to protect his wife Zhou Ying to the rules)

Wu did not forget to pawn Sanyuan hired thing, said his observations to father report. At a time of nine dials, there are no signs of depression on the shelves, and it is very inconsistent with such a small profit. Wu also remembered that tigers hired pawn jade, is also a great discrepancy between the recorded digital books. Lord Wu Jiasan seldom goes to the pawnshop, but the shopkeeper look smart. Wu Yuwen told Wu Pinyao careful verification, try not to hurt.

Zhou Ying in the room to copy "Nvjie", inspired by practicing the word: half words, half body painting, claiming to be the week. Mrs. Wu was looking at the room and suddenly heard Hu Yongmei coming. Although she was not comfortable, she saw the girl. I saw Hu Yongmei burst into tears, said a lot of my own problems. Mrs. Wu saw the child crying, all the gas has disappeared. She looked at the wife of her wife and sighed, saying how good she should be if she was married. Exactly this week, Yinglai room pay a fine copy homework, but Mrs. Wu dislike being a hypocrite.

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