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Children's cognition

Aucist posted on May 08, 2017 at 09:51

Many mothers are annoyed by their children’s behaviors before they can understand the mothers’ idea. Babies’ way of thought is different from the adults’, and most of them are in the situation of out of side, and out of mind. If people can better understand the kid’s recognition, then they will have their own ways to educate.

Though the kids are very small and they even can’t talk, they are smart actually. They know how to judge whether what they do is acceptable or not. For example, when mother cooks food for the baby and the baby refuses to eat. After trying to feed the baby many times, finally the mother gets angry and walks away, then the baby will perceive the mother’s unhappy emotion and realizes his wrong behavior.

People always say that kids are knowing nothing, so their wrong behaviors can be forgiven all the time. It seems that being innocent can be out of taking responsibility. This is ridiculous. Everyone should be responsible for what they do. If the kids are wrong, the parents need to educate them immediate, so as to help them to be a better person.

When Hu Yongmei left, but his girl like to put his face. Apricot spring eager to defend their master, all your back. Hu Yongmei grew up in Wu Yangzunchuyou, is everywhere to be protected, where had this kind of gas? She immediately set out the identity of the lady, to give the spring apricot color to see. Zhou Ying is also not resigned to playing second fiddle took out a pair of hands, posture. But Hu Yongmei GEE smile, she has no manners to irony, Wu Jia Dong hospital.

Wu Wang to find recruits into the room, told him to go quietly Sanyuan pawn when a thing. At night, Wu Furen talked about Hu Yongmei's affairs, and did not think Wu Yuwen was not moving. He said that the fate of Hu's family was here.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying satirized by Hu Yongmei no courtesy)

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