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The beautiful love

Aucist posted on June 11, 2017 at 06:58

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, it gives people the power and make them become stronger. In most children’s eyes, they dream to have the relationship like their parents, who support each other all the time. This is the best love.

I read a good story that told about a married couple. The wife read from a magazine that listing the unsatisfied problems between the couples could help them to keep their marriage better. So they listed the problems on a separated room. The wife was the first to talked about the unsatisfied problems, it surprised the husband that she got three pages. When it was the turn for the husband to read the problems, he got nothing in the paper. He told his wife that she was the most perfect girl in his heart and he didn’t want the girl change a thing.

What a lovely couple, the husband shows people what love is. Love is to accept one’s good sides and bad sides, no matter what happens, they will always support each other. Just as the vow, no matter you are rich or poor, sick or healthy, we will never be aparted.

So quickly you want to sit on real charges, the map is nothing but their own private interests Bale! As long as we can win the trust of Mrs. Wu in my heart, we can wake up to make clear Wangs.

Zhou Ying did not expect that, two old men suddenly asked Wu cause of death. He held the secret in his hand and said that hiring Wu may be poisoned to death. Zhou Ying found that the three ladies framed themselves, or why the letter somehow appear? She can be framed fills, even to take Wu cause of death that thing, it is too insidious!

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