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My university campus life

Aucist posted on September 02, 2018 at 13:24

Apart from the classes, there are many activities and organizations in the collage. I am active in my campus life.

I have attended in several organizations, there is the painting and calligraphy associations, English club, climbing club, swimming group and so on. These organizations enrich my campus life. I made many new friends with the same hobbies, we help each other to improve.

In the first year of my collage, I joined in a volunteer club. The mission of club is to help those people in need. The first activity I participated was to hold the charity sale to collect the money and donation, then bring them to a primary school into deep mountains. The sales was successful as most of the students supported this charity and donated the money and study materials with kindness. On the weekend we brought all the donations to the primary school, we saw the smile on children’ face, and also saw their poor study condition. I felt myself a heavy responsibility to make the change of it. Since then, I would volunteer to be an English teacher in that school every summer vacation, I also encouraged my friends to do something for those children.

I think the experience of volunteering makes me realize that the philanthropy is important. I am willing to put myself into the charity career in the future.

This is the connection point between the two. Therefore, in order not to fight the two losses, Zhou Ying promised Shen Xing to sell cotton at a price of 80 yuan. Shen Xing moved to make a profit, and he was going to go bright, and turned and smashed Zhou Ying. This is a happy family, there is always a lot of fighting.

Zhou Yingru retired and Shen Xing moved to get the business. Shen Sihai learned that his son had taken more than 60,000 pieces of silver from his account, and some could not sit still, fearing that this son would ruin the property. Unexpectedly, the head of Shen Xingzhi said that it was really a big deal. Being able to show up in front of his father, Shen Xing’s heart is happy. After he got home, he heard a compliment from his mother and grandma. On this day, Shen Xing’s good mood is still there, but she feels that Zhou Ying earns more. He is determined to learn from this woman and fight.

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