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How to change Name Servers for yahoo domains?

Aucist posted on December 09, 2016 at 12:13

Log in to your Domain Control Panel. If you are not aware that where to log in, you may access, click "Sign In" at top, after log in, at right click "Access Your Account - Small Business", as the picture below, then it will redirect to your Domain Control Panel.

On Yahoo Domain Control Panel, we should unlock the domain, then can change DNS. Click "Edit Domain Locking", as below. Then follow the tips on the web page.

Make sure "Your domain is currently unlocked". Then click "Manage Advanced DNS Settings", click "Change Nameservers", as below:

I strongly recommend a very good free DNS, you should register an account on, one account can add 50 domains, the brief usage you may view this I wrote:, then you should add a new domain on the panel of On Yahoo Panel, input NS1 and NS2, as below:

After change Name Servers, you should lock your domain.

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