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Anti spam function of Foxmail can stop many spam emails

Aucist posted on December 13, 2016 at 08:20

Foxmail was developed by Chinese, it's really a very good email software. It receives email fast, and it can manage different email accounts conveniently. It's a little pity that the latest version of English edition of Foxmail is 5.0, there is no 6.5 version of English. So we just can use Foxmail 5.0 English edition, you may search "Foxmail 5.0 English" on Google to download it, it's a free software.

How to stop many spam emails with Foxmail? Please open Foxmail, click the menu bar "Tools - Anti Spam Options", as below:

Click the "Black List" label, then click "Add", copy and paste the spam emails one by one which you want to stop. As below:

After this operation, when click "Check" button to receive emails, all of the spam emails which in black list will be stopped. If one site often sends email to you and you do not want it, you can add the email address to the black list.

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