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Wear the same clothes every day
January 17, 2017 at 14:13

For most girls, they are so annoyed about what to wear before they get out of the house. They want to make themselves look stunning, as the choice is so hard to make, they will spend a lot of time, then they are always late for the date or the work time. In order to get rid of this problem, a girl chose only one style every day.

The girl was from America, and she worked in a fashion company. Before she went to work in the morning, she had to struggle what to wear, which made her be late for company. Then she decided to wear the same clothes as her working style every day. Now she has done this for three years.

Actually, many successful people do the same things, such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, who kept the same style no matter where they showed up. They believed that it could save them more time to focus on job. Before students go to college, they dress school uniforms, so there will be no comparison. But in the private hours, we can choose many styles, which helps to keep us the different moods.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying hired himself into the room Wu lie to him emerge in its totality)

The world devil woman life for the first time that lie is so should not, she rushed back to the room to take the truth to Wu Pin emerge in its totality. Wu hired a serious face to ask who she had deceived. Zhou Ying said that he had not done terrible things, just to earn money to live, also said he owed Wu hired and Eastern Hospital will have the money. Wu hired gradually calm down, told Zhou Ying lie only make a little money, and Wu Jia Dong hospital have today are based on integrity. Then he asked Zhou Ying to be unable to cheat and to cheat the money. Zhou Ying also nodded, and Wu looked at her so solemnly and laughed.

Wu Shen with two contradictions of the governors to formally put on the table, the Shenyang master Shen Yuesheng's body in the Wu warehouse, such as the situation even more in the fire poured a spoonful of oil burning up like crazy. Wu hired for their elution grievances, to please find white master Shen Yuesheng's death. Adults also got the prefect weapon drawings, the body is wound by a judge to the western edge.

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Persist in your dream
January 15, 2017 at 15:56

We have read so many inspiring examples about how the successful people stick to their dreams. We see the power of persistence. But as I see different situations, sometimes the way to gain achievement is not favored by me. Different people have different ways to keep move on.

For those people whose family are not poor, they can chase their dreams without hesitation. The parents will give great support to them and no matter what their children do, they just want them to be happy. Without the economic burden, those people can focus all their attention and follow their dreams all the time.

But for the persons whose family are poor, especially the parents are waiting for the children’s economic support, they should make ends meet first and then follow their dreams. Life can’t be ideal all the time, only when they solve the basic needs, dreams will be supported. Some people make the things they like as a hobby, they keep studying it in their spared time, if insist, they will get the extra achievement.

Following dreams completes our life and make us live with meaning. The will of never giving up will bring us success someday.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Zhou Ying hired himself into the room Wu lie to him emerge in its totality)

The world devil woman life for the first time that lie is so should not, she rushed back to the room to take the truth to Wu Pin emerge in its totality. Wu hired a serious face to ask who she had deceived. Zhou Ying said that he had not done terrible things, just to earn money to live, also said he owed Wu hired and Eastern Hospital will have the money. Wu hired gradually calm down, told Zhou Ying lie only make a little money, and Wu Jia Dong hospital have today are based on integrity. Then he asked Zhou Ying to be unable to cheat and to cheat the money. Zhou Ying also nodded, and Wu looked at her so solemnly and laughed.

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How safe is china
January 12, 2017 at 15:27

Recently, the news reported that many gunshot incidents happened in foreign countries. Every time when we hear such accident, we feel so lucky to live in China, because gun is forbidden to be sold, which keeps the society much safer. In western countries, though many people have urged the government to stop selling guns, the result disappoints them all the time.

In the foreign social media, the question of how safe is China has been warmly responded by the foreigners who have the experience to live in China. A woman said that she felt so much safe here and dared to walk home very late, which would never happened in her country. Another man said that the only situation he felt in danger was a drunken man went towards him. A lot of foreigners spoke highly of Chinese safe environment, and gunshot cases is rather rare to happen.

The safe environment provides us the chance to develop ourselves. At the same time, Chinese economy develops very fast, and we are so proud that we are living here. The great respect should be showed to the soldiers who guard the people and country.

This week was Ying Shan Shan, arguing that he is actually very quietly to have learned to fold the quilt to pour out the tea. She made a skillful way to pour tea, but made a fool of myself. Although Wu hired cold face, secretly laughing. Zhou Ying thought I was going to the door, did not think Wu agreed to hire her school work.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhou Ying stills not work well to take the lead in mischief are caught)

At school, Zhou Ying was an apprentice at Xiaojiang called. After coaching, she could understand "and return" means, casually say on the market and the essence of law. The students were very admirable, and Zhou Ying took the opportunity to make money for the students to do their homework. After a few days, she was angry with his husband and came to Lord Wu, Wu Yuwen.

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King of Rock and Roll
January 11, 2017 at 10:24

It is known to all that Michael Jackson is the king of popular music. Though he died in 2009, he is favored by people all around the world. Before Michael Jackson, the most successful singer is Elvis Presley, he is the king of Rock and Roll. He made the record of selling the most albums.

Elvis Presley lived in a poor family and he had done several jobs before he was discovered by his agent. At that time, the agent wanted to find a white singer who could sing Blues and Elvis was the guy he found. As he released his first album, the local radio station played them again and again. People fell in love with his music. Soon Elvis got famous in United States.

Elvis made great success in music, the songs were favored by all races. As the development of media, his shows were watched by the world. Later, Elvis also shot many movies. The songs he sung in the movie also became popular. But the sad thing was that Elvis died at the young age about forty. But the achievement he made would never be forgot.

Xing Sheng moved bored at home, and the other maid Zhou Ying teaches his game to play. But he was so uncomfortable that he didn't feel fun to play with Zhou anyhow.

Zhou Ying's work every day, sneaking into the school to eavesdrop outside the school, can not help delay the errand. In a few days, she became properly in essence, a kitchen, a wood house, she did not dare to close the water room. Wu has no choice but to leave Zhou Ying in his room first. One day, he went back to the room, but he saw that everyone was listening to Zhou Ying to tell the story. Just listen to her articulate, to describe the vivid tiger. She spoke to her dart and jumped off her stool to show her legs, but was "sweeping" on the leg of Wu. The people saw that the little east family came back quickly, leaving only Zhou Ying.

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Paper-cut art
January 10, 2017 at 10:19

China has a history of more than five thousand years, whose culture is various. Chinese people are so proud of their culture and many traditional arts are part of the national treasure, such as the festivals that contain the myths and the handwork. One of the special handwork products is paper-cut, which is now learned by less people.

Paper-cut is an extraordinary art, which is using scissors to cut paper into graphics. This art just needs simple tool, but it is not easy at all. When we look at the masters to cut paper, it takes them only a few minutes to finish, in fact, for a freshman, they need to practise for a long time. This art has a long history. It reflects the wisdom of Chinese people.

My grandma inherits this art, and she can cut a lot of graphics. When I was very small, she tried to teach me this handwork, but I was addicted to playing computer games. Now I feel so regretful, because paper-cut is treasure, and many foreigners love it. But as a Chinese, I used to refuse it. The in-heritage of tradition needs everybody’s passion.

Zhou Ying came to the Wu family, every day to go to school. It turned out that she wanted to find a free apprentice and help to bring a message to her father. Mr. Wang, who has promised to help, is very smart. But the news that he brought back was that he had left three li shop, and did not know where to go.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Miss Hu stills by word Teaser on the expression of love Wu hired)

The apprenticeship, Zhou Ying, was ready to see Wu. He said he was good at calculating and remembering. He wanted to try the school. She was passed in a few words by Wu. But because there was no precedent for a woman to do business, he did not agree to Zhou Ying to be an apprentice.

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A simple approach to receive emails from dozens of different email accounts
January 05, 2017 at 17:57

If you have dozens of different email accounts, and if the email accounts can forward emails, then set all of the emails' forwarding, and make them forward to an email which you often use. That's to say if you have email account A, account B, account C, account D, account E, etc., make them forward to, then can receive them, you just need to check every day. I'll introduce the steps. Such as Gmail has forwarding function, how to set:

Log in the email account A, B, C, D, E mentioned above one by one. Such as Gmail, or Google apps free enterprise mailbox, click "Settings" at top, as below:

Click "Forwarding and POP/IMAP", as below:

Then click "Add a forwarding address", and enter an email which you often use and receive emails, click "Next", as below:

Then you will receive a Confirmation code email, input it. Choose "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" at the single select box, select "delete **** Mail's copy", as below:

Drag the scroll bar to bottom Click "Save Changes", is below:

Then you just need to check every day. Foxmail is an excellent email software to receive emails, I strongly recommend Foxmail.

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Go Daddy and IX Web Hosting does not support Pan-Domain
January 04, 2017 at 09:54

Some friends asked, does Go Daddy support Pan-Domain? Or does IX Web Hosting support Pan-Domain? No, they don't support directly. Because GD and IX limited this permission, we can't add a subdomain which names * on the hosting control panel. If you need to realize Pan-Domain at GD or IX, you should use the delicated IP to realize Pan-Domain.

If your hosting uses cPanel as the hosting control panel, congrats, this hosting supports Pan-Domain. You can add a subdomain: * , then your hosting can support Pan-Domain.

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China is a huge hosting potential market
January 03, 2017 at 12:53

More and more sites of China were transferred to American hostings during these 2 years, it was a very big amount of sites. Why did such many sites transfer away from China? The most important reason is ICP record, it's a big trouble. Now in China, every site should submit the ICP record information, it includes the information of owner and server IP, etc. After submit, it will be in an audit period, audit period is about dozens of days, perhaps it's about more than 40 days. During these 40 days, the site must be closed, when the ICP record is passed, the site can be opened.

Currently, the fastest American hostings are Go Daddy, SoftLayer which visit in China, the ping value in China is about 170ms - 250ms. And Hong Kong, Korean, Japanese hostings, all of the ping value in China are about 60ms - 70ms. So the fastest foreign hostings for China, is Hong Kong, Korea, Japan. The foreign hostings for China, need not to submit the ICP record.

Last year Go Daddy founded the hostings in Singapore, it was quite slow in China, but fast in Hong Kong. Probably it was limited by China's line. The ping value in China of Go Daddy Singapore hosting was more than 600ms. So I hope the hosting providers, found some hostings in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, it will be very fast for China, and it will be a very huge hosting potential market. Currently, the price of Hong Kong hostings is expensive, so the Chinese site owners chose American hostings. The price of American hostings is cheap, and the technology is very good.

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How to make a wallpaper for your iPhone with Photoshop
December 16, 2016 at 11:50

The latest version of Photoshop is Adobe Photoshop CS5, it also equals Photoshop 12. You may download a free trial of Photoshop CS5 on

Then install Photoshop, start up it. Photoshop 7.0 is also a very good version, the usages of Photoshop 7.0 and Photoshop CS5 in this concise tutorial are same. Open a picture with Photoshop CS5, as below:

The screen resolution of iPhone is 320 X 480, We need to change or cut the size of pictures.

Change the size of picture. Select the menu bar "Image - Image Size...", as below:

Make sure "Constrain Image" is selected, as the red circle below. Input a value of Width or Height, as below:

Then press C key of keyboard, or click the "Crop Tool", as below:

Then drag the mouse, press Enter key, the picture will be cropped.

Crop the picture with the menu. Select the menu bar "Image - Canvas Size...", as below:

The unit select pixels, input a proper value of Width or Height, as below:

The effect is below:

Export the picture. Select the menu bar "File - Save for Web & Devices...", or press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S, as below:

Please note: if the photo is more than 256 colors, you should select JPEG, "Preset" select "JPEG High", and Quality is 60, this quality is good enough. Usually our eyes can't differentiate quality 60, or quality 80, or quality 100 of JPG format. As below:

Last, the size of picture is 320 X 480, then transmit the picture to your iPhone. This picture below was taken in an apparel marketplace in Shenzhen city of China.

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How does .htaccess file work on Go Daddy, IX Web Hosting, or other Linux hostings?
December 15, 2016 at 09:48

Before you upload the .htaccess file and program to Go Daddy, IX Web Hosting, or other Linux hostings, .htaccess file should be tested on your local harddisk first. .htaccess can change the active URL to a static URL, it looks like a static web page. And if you want to use .htaccess, you must choose Apache as the server platform. The usage of .htaccess file is not complicated, and not simple.

I'm a programmer, simply I'll introduce that how does .htaccess file work. First of all, I suggest that create a virtual hosting on local harddisk for your site to test, please view this I wrote (How to create a virtual hosting on local harddisk.)

If you want to test .htaccess file on local harddisk, you must create a virtual hosting on local harddisk first. Why? Because once you use the 404 Error page, the root directory must be your site's folder. So it's very convenient to create virtual hostings on local harddisk.

.htaccess file takes effect for its folder, and its subfolder, and sub-subfolder, etc., so I suggest that if the functions of your site's folders are different, you can create a .htaccess file for every folder which you need to use 404 error page. Such as this blog, and this article's URL is, I create a folder "dedicate" and I create a .htaccess file at F:siteausue.comdedicate.htaccess, don't create it at The .htaccess file at F:siteausue.comdedicate.htaccess just write this one sentence:

ErrorDocument 404 /dedicate/abc.php

The program file is abc.php. This is a 404 error page example, and at first of abc.php, should write this one sentence:

header("Status: 200 OK");

If you use Rewrite mod, you needn't to write this sentence above. When upload this program to your site, you should check its status code. If it's 200 OK, it's normal. If it's 404 Not Found, you should continue checking your PHP program. The picture of this example as below:

A Rewrite example: create a .htaccess file at the same directory with the program file. Then write these 2 lines:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule (.+) abc.php

Such as one of my Blog programs:

Then you can access the web page as

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